Risk Management & Insurance

Helping protect the things that you care about most.

At Caldwell Advisory, we understand that risk isn’t an easily definable term that can be neatly summarized in a few sentences. Risk management can, and often does, involve thinking about and dealing with issues and relationships that are the closest to your heart, not just your pocket book. It may be easy to see the financial implications of a loss whether it’s a loss of income due to disability or the unexpected loss of a loved one, but translating the understanding of that financial loss into a coherent financial plan can often be overwhelming or even ignored due to the intensity of the emotions involved. There are many different ways to tackle the risk management issues in life, whether it’s a wearing seat belt or bike helmet to taking the time to be sure that you have the right amount (and right kind) of insurance to act as a safeguard for family members, and business associates. Insurance, whether life, disability, or critical illness is often the most equitable and straight–forward way of helping mitigate financial risks to your family. For business owners, this could include key-person insurance and buy–sell agreement funding. We believe it’s our job to help you sort through all these issues, and guide you to a decision that fits your unique circumstances. Risk management is one of several avenues that we can explore with you as part of your overall financial plan.

What is your financial plan doing for you?

Your financial plan should align with your goals and values. Let us help you create a map that will get you where you want to go.