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Transforming our thinking around money can transform our lives.
Many people are more fearful of their financial futures than they are of dying, and that need not be your burden to carry alone. Our driving ambition is to lighten your life journey, replacing financial uncertainty and obstructions with a horizon replete with possibilities.

The financial security advisors at Caldwell Wealth & Estate Advisory Ltd. are skilled in all of the parts that go into making a financial plan work for you and your family. Whether you just have questions or are ready to get down to work, we can help you where you need it most, right now.

The following is some information about some of the most common questions that we get asked. We thought we would share this with you. If you are ready for more, please contact a specific financial security advisor or let us know and we’ll get you set up!

Is it time to talk with a financial advisor?

It is never too soon to start the conversation with a financial planner who can help you define your goals and put a plan into place to reach them.

Take action for your financial future

A Financial Plan

Our financial planning process works for you.

At its essence, financial planning is where money and life intersect.

While most people care about their finances, caring for your finances is the key to a collision-free experience.

We are committed to putting together a financial plan that will benefit you and your family or business.

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Planning Only

We routinely receive requests to prepare detailed financial plans for both existing clients and those who have been newly introduced to our firm.

Essentially, fee-based planning or planning-only service is of interest to people seeking comprehensive advice and counsel on any number of financial matters while preserving the freedom to eventually implement the plan with any advisor they choose.

Planning only services

Strategic Business Planning

Key financial planning for business owners.

Do you sense that your business or Professional Corporation has untapped potential?

Our advisory team can help identify and unlock opportunities that are available to you as an owner of a small-to-medium-sized business.

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Estate Planning

Who needs an estate plan? The better question might be ‘Who doesn’t?’! Don’t get hung up on the word ‘estate’. If you have worked, saved a little money, bought a house, made an investment, or anything else along those lines, then you have one! Good estate planning helps you to direct what happens to what you have now after you pass away. Yes, a will will be a part of your estate plan…but we can help with so much more.

Estate Planning »

Family & Small Business

Each small business and family–owned company has its own personality, its own set of values, and its own goals for success. Family-oriented issues of intergenerational transitions, ownership, trust and retirement must work hand–in–hand with the business issues of finance, strategic planning, and tax efficiency. As the business grows to second, third and fourth generations, these issues become increasingly challenging.

Family Business / Small Business Planning »

Group Benefits

As your family business or small business grows, you begin to surround yourself with employees that you hope are just as passionate about the business as you are. Keeping the best employees becomes about more than just salary and bonuses. We can show you how to use group benefits to bring added value to your employees and retain these valuable company assets.

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When investing for our clients, our goal is to create and preserve wealth. Determining your risk tolerance, goal setting, diversification and realistic forecasts are the building blocks of our relationship because we believe they help enable us to better assist you in reaching your financial goals.

Investing »

Risk Management

‘Risk’ isn’t an easily definable term that can be neatly summarized in a few sentences. There are many different ways to tackle the risk management issues in life, whether it’s a wearing seat belt or bike helmet to taking the time to be sure that you have the right amount (and right kind) of insurance to act as a safeguard for family members, and business associates.

Risk Management »


Most people find it difficult to paint a detailed picture of how they want to live when they retire; therefore, they also find it difficult to determine how much money they’ll need to live on once they retire. Sound like you?

Get guidance on retirement planning that works for you.

Planning for your retirement »

Investment Focus Articles

Timely information about investments and investing.

2023 ReCap

2023 ReCap

As we start the new year, let’s quickly review 2023. Investors faced many challenges last year,...

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Investment Focus | Issue 17 | Keep Looking Long Term

Investment Focus | Issue 17 | Keep Looking Long Term

It’s fair to say that everyone is happy to see September end, at least from an investing standpoint. It was a month full of market volatility due to stickier inflation data and the U.S. Federal Reserve’s commitment to higher-for-longer interest rates. The markets had been expecting central banks to already be discussing rate cuts, but that hasn’t been the case. On top of that, September tends to be one of the worst months historically for the stock market, and this year was no different.

Near the end of September, the markets were looking toward the risk of a government shutdown, that ended up being kicked down the road.

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Investment Focus | Issue 16 | Staying Steady Amidst Economic Shifts: US Debt, Canadian Rates, and Recession Outlook

Investment Focus | Issue 16 | Staying Steady Amidst Economic Shifts: US Debt, Canadian Rates, and Recession Outlook

The likelihood of a recession in Canada is a topic creating buzz among experts. Accountancy firm RSM Canada projects a 60% chance of a recession occurring by the end of 2023, although they believe it would be relatively mild and short-lived. They anticipate that specific sectors, like the labour market, could potentially shield a significant portion of the economy from recessionary effects.

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