Ed & Linda

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September 6, 2019

We recently switched our investments from a local major bank into the care of Jason Stubinsky at Caldwell Wealth & Estate Advisory. We were unhappy with the bank’s lack of communication and explanations on how market performance was affecting our investments and on their lack of advice in helping us with our retirement planning.

From our first meeting, Jason was patient and thorough in his explanations about different strategies and ideas and we felt like valued clients. We worked together to determine our risk level for investing and we never felt pressured to operate outside our comfort level. In fact, it was just the opposite, Jason wanted to make sure we felt comfortable and knowledgeable about the process and within a short time we have seen a significant increase in our portfolio.

We have been very impressed with Jason’s commitment to making sure that we understand how our portfolio is responding to market trends and he is available in person or by phone for questions anytime in addition to our regular quarterly meetings.

Jason is extremely professional and very knowledgeable and it is very reassuring to know that he will be around for the long term to work with us.