Jason Stubinsky

Financial Security Advisor

Jason has been working in the financial services industry since the late 90’s.

It all started back in Ottawa, when a local bank manager came into the restaurant where he was working and was seated in his section. A conversation ensued about banking and finance which turned into an invitation to interview. Thus began a two decade career working for one of the top chartered banks in Canada.

His time there included challenging roles within wealth management and business banking, where he helped many clients articulate their financial goals and take the next steps towards achieving them.

Many will remember him delivering market updates and empowering investors with ongoing wealth seminars and workshops in the Kingston, Belleville and Port Hope areas.

He has had the privilege of working with experts in the financial industry like Patricia Lovett Reid, Don Drummond, Bob Gorman and General Hillier, to name a few.

Jason’s greatest fulfillment was when a beautiful bank advisor at one of the local branches he frequented caught his eye and changed his life forever when she said ‘I do’. He is now a devoted husband and family man to his wife Stacie and 2 step children.

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