• Garrett Tomalty

Garrett Tomalty

Financial Advisor | Caldwell Advisory
Investment Advisor | Credential Securities

Garrett grew up in a home where financial literacy was talked about and financial principles were driven home. He learned to think about what his ‘future self’ would need (and want) and to plan accordingly. Sometimes ‘present-day self’ won the day, but the seeds were sown for knowing what it takes to set a financial goal and achieve it. Now as a financial advisor, Garrett helps others think about and plan for their ‘future self’.

Garrett is an Investment Advisor. <a href=”https://www.iiroc.ca/investors/know-your-advisor-iiroc-advisor-report” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>See the IIROC Advisor Report</a>.

Website: gtomalty.ca
Blog: Money Goggles: A blog that focuses on looking at the world through the lens of personal finances

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