• Amanda Maggiacomo

Amanda Maggiacomo

Executive Assistant

My name is Amanda, but my friends and teammates call me Madge. I was born here in Kingston in the early ‘80’s. I have lived in Kingston for most of my life, but have also lived in Toronto and Belize. I have played roller derby for 11 years and play under the name Bad Wolf for Kingston Roller Derby. My favourite place to travel to Belize. I have a nearly 16-year-old child, a 16-year-old calico cat named Pistachio, and a 4-year-old tuxedo cat named Lucifurr. I am passionate about Indigenous rights and social justice. I graduated from St. Lawrence College with dual diplomas in Medical and Legal Office Administration in 2009. I have been working nearly 15 years in an administrative role, 6 of those years in the industry.

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