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Caldwell Wealth & Estate Advisory Ltd.

650 Cataraqui Woods Drive
Suite 201
Kingston, Ontario K7P 2Y4

PHONE: 613.777.0797
FAX: 613.389.8831

Direct contact information

Michael Caldwell, CLU, MFA, EPC
CEO & Founder*
613.777.0797 extension 211

Rick Tomalty, CFP, CLU, CH.F.C., CPC, CHS, MFA
President & Managing Partner | Financial Planner*
613.777.0797 extension 207

Jason Stubinsky
Vice President & Partner | Financial Security Advisor*
613.777.0797 extension 205

Andrew Fowler, B.A.
Financial Advisor*
613.777.0797 extension 208

Dan Lambert, BBA, CFP, CHS
Financial Planner*
613.777.0797 extension 204

David Sutherland
Financial Planner*

Galen Nuttall, M.Ed., CFP
Financial Planner*