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Our story is your story. Our skill is helping you find the financial path that reflects your values and interests; that mirrors what is important to you.

We have known Rick for over 25 years. His wide breadth of knowledge and experience, combined with a high degree of integrity has equipped him to deliver exceptional customer service. We value our ongoing relationship with Rick as he continues to guide us through the volatile times facing the financial sector.

Dr. Robert & Kim Connelly

When I first met with Dan, I knew within minutes that I could trust him and his advice. Dan possesses a substantial knowledge of the markets and can articulate complex financial concepts in terms that non experts can easily understand. I truly appreciate that Dan has guided me according to my personal needs. I have complete confidence in his judgement and integrity and know that my investments are safe in his hands.

Mark Babcock

Michael has patiently and consistently walked us step by step from financial chaos to a solid plan for our future. In what seems like very short order he has managed to get us to tick all the relevant boxes leading us to a place of financial certainty.
Dr. Brent Helmstaedt

Galen is very down to earth and explains our financial info clearly and with a sense of humour! He gives great advice and really cares about his clients. I would highly recommend his services!
Catherine Fisher Andrews

I’m currently located in Vancouver, BC, and Galen is Ontario based. This was a non-issue and working together online turned out to be greatly to our advantage… He has taken the time to educate me and spend the time needed to ensure I am making good decisions. This was AFTER he first invested in Me and what I am about.
Jennifer Pereira

I was introduced to Jason 4 years ago; and my investment portfolio is so happy that I did – unlike my previous advisors and their lack of communication, Jason regularly keeps me up to date, advises me on how certain “financial decisions” will impact me not only today but in the future, and most importantly helps me understand the complexity of my investment portfolio. He takes a genuine interest in my financial well-being and he has helped me navigate through some complex financial issues… I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a unique wealth management experience.
Derek McCauley

I have been a client of Caldwell Advisory since 1996 and over the years Michael has always been there for me. Whenever I’ve had concerns about the market Michael has only been a phone call away to reassure me that we’re on the right path. Michael’s greatest strengths are his honesty, integrity and his ability to engage you in the planning process.
Wayne Sochasky

Galen provides an engaging, interactive presentation that allows his audience to put financial planning into perspective by answering questions in a unique visual manner. You can hear the penny drop all through the room. No matter what an audience member’s comprehension of financial planning is, Galen responds to questions in a user-friendly, non-patronizing manner that is appreciated by all who attend his sessions. The number one questions from participants is “when is he coming back?”
Julie Brown

I started working with Rick while I was still in medical school, and even though my education and practice took me to different parts of the country, I have always had confidence that Rick was watching over my portfolio with the same care and attention as he would his own. Now, years later, as my practice and family grows he continues to play pivotal role in helping me sort through the many opportunities and distractions that get put in front of me and my family. Having Rick quarterback my investments and insurance frees me to focus my attention on the many demands of my profession.
Dr. John Tomc, M.D.

Michael and Josef have built and maintained our Employee Group Benefit Plan since 1999. There has never been an unanswered question or lack of communication over that time. In many instances they have gone back to the insurer and successfully renegotiated a premium reduction, even when there are no issues to be dealt with—they were just dropping in to say hi. For personal insurance Michael has looked after our family needs for 20 plus years, again with the best of service.
Les Shemrock, President, Reztel Communications Inc.

I was looking for a solid detailed plan, and a trustworthy person to help us stay on track with it – Rick fits the bill.
Scott Pyne, P.Eng.

We recently switched our investments from a local major bank into the care of Jason Stubinsky at Caldwell Wealth & Estate Advisory. We were unhappy with the bank’s lack of communication and explanations on how market performance was affecting our investments and on their lack of advice in helping us with our retirement planning.

From our first meeting, Jason was patient and thorough in his explanations about different strategies and ideas and we felt like valued clients. We worked together to determine our risk level for investing and we never felt pressured to operate outside our comfort level. In fact, it was just the opposite, Jason wanted to make sure we felt comfortable and knowledgeable about the process and within a short time we have seen a significant increase in our portfolio.

We have been very impressed with Jason’s commitment to making sure that we understand how our portfolio is responding to market trends and he is available in person or by phone for questions anytime in addition to our regular quarterly meetings.

Jason is extremely professional and very knowledgeable and it is very reassuring to know that he will be around for the long term to work with us.

Ed & Linda

I have been working with Rick since 1985, and he has now served three generations of my family. When the media is promoting panic, Rick has always offered a calming voice, helping us avoid rash and emotional decisions that would have cost us. He has worked with us to consolidate our insurance and investment positions, identify our future needs and suggested ways to create a lasting legacy for some of the charitable causes that are important to us as a family. Now, he’s starting to help us pass on sound financial principles to our daughters.
Kevin Titley

When I wanted to purchase Life Insurance, Josef and Michael were an enormous help to me. Josef has been my financial advisor for over 10 years. He has assisted Ruth and I in setting up our finances for our retirement. For my insurance they took into account all of my needs, based on family, business and cost requirements.
Ruth and Ed Solski

We required advice and feedback with respect to our growing business and were fortunate enough to meet Rick and Jason while attending one of their seminars. In subsequent meetings, they were extremely thoughtful and aware of our specific situation. We were very impressed with not only the amount of time they spent preparing, but also presenting, in a professional manner an appropriate strategy for us. They assisted in not only strategizing goals but provided a keen, practical awareness of methods to achieve those goals. We strongly recommend reliance on their expertise and advice. It was an exercise to which we did not initially look forward to, however, Rick and Jason made it a pleasant, enlightening experience and we look forward to working closely with them in the future. We highly recommend reliance on their advice.
Michael and Ida Cotman | M.W. Cotman & Associates Inc. Real Estate Appraisers & Consultants

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