The Caldwell Advisory
Mission & Vision

When clients invite us into their lives, we spend time together. Our hope is that it’s time well spent toward lives well lived.


Core Values

  • Honesty and integrity: working with and for our clients with an unwavering commitment to earning their complete trust and confidence;
  • Paying attention to detail: dedicating ourselves to the principle that our job isn’t done until everything is exactly as it should be;
  • Being a part of something special: having clients who enjoy tangible, ongoing benefits of their association with our firm, and who share a sense of mutual loyalty and community when we’re together;
  • Continual self-improvement: investing in our professional education so that it translates into even greater value to our clients;
  • Helping others: this will be our legacy – to provide assistance whenever able to those around us, both in our local community and beyond our borders.


To be a role model for exploring opportunities and creating solutions for our clients, both for now and for the generations to come.

To be viewed as the Company of Choice for OBJECTIVE, CLIENT SPECIFIC, PROFESSIONAL financial advice in the Kingston area.