Michael Caldwell

CEO & Founder | Caldwell Advisory
Investment Advisor | Aviso Wealth

Michael has been in the financial services industry since the early 1970s . His wealth of experience in banking, insurance and investments gives him a unique, long–term perspective on our economic climate today.

Providing clients with long–term financial security and estate protection are two areas where Michael believes he can best fulfill his clients’ needs. To help ensure he maintains a high standard of knowledge, Michael regularly attends education seminars and in 2012, he successfully completed the Master Financial Advisor (MFA) designation. He has previously completed the requirements for the Chartered Life Underwriter designation and Elder Planning Counselor course. He has also qualified for the MDRT designation for eight consecutive years.

As part of the culture of giving back to the community at Caldwell Wealth & Estate Advisory Ltd., Michael is supportive of local and international charities. Michael is a member of the Grand Theatre Foundation Board and he is especially pleased to be supporting Hearts for Change, a charity supportive of children in Kenya. For more information on this charity, go to www.heartsforchange.ca.

Married to Judy with three children and five grandchildren, Michael has a wide variety of interests outside of his work. He is a connoisseur of fine wines and has travelled the world, including a visit to the Great Wall of China. He is always up for a little golf from time to time.

Michael is an Investment Advisor. See the CIRO Advisor Report.

Michael Caldwell
I have been a client of Caldwell Advisory since 1996 and over the years Michael has always been there for me. Whenever I’ve had concerns about the market Michael has only been a phone call away to reassure me that we’re on the right path. Michael’s greatest strengths are his honesty, integrity and his ability to engage you in the planning process.
Wayne Sochasky

When I wanted to purchase Life Insurance, Josef and Michael were an enormous help to me. Josef has been my financial advisor for over 10 years. He has assisted Ruth and I in setting up our finances for our retirement. For my insurance they took into account all of my needs, based on family, business and cost requirements.
Ruth and Ed Solski

Michael has patiently and consistently walked us step by step from financial chaos to a solid plan for our future. In what seems like very short order he has managed to get us to tick all the relevant boxes leading us to a place of financial certainty.
Dr. Brent Helmstaedt

Michael and Josef have built and maintained our Employee Group Benefit Plan since 1999. There has never been an unanswered question or lack of communication over that time. In many instances they have gone back to the insurer and successfully renegotiated a premium reduction, even when there are no issues to be dealt with—they were just dropping in to say hi.

For personal insurance Michael has looked after our family needs for 20 plus years, again with the best of service.

Les Shemrock

For over 25 years we had focused on self-managing our financial and retirement portfolio as well as relying on advice and direction from a particular big bank’s financial division. We were confident that the decisions we had been making were the right ones in order to maximize our goals. We could not have been more wrong. Michael Caldwell and his team immediately went to work dissecting and analyzing our rather complicated portfolio and made us come to realize how much more we could achieve while also saving more from our current fee structure. We also had Michael’s team work up a comprehensive retirement strategy for us which provided options that were previously unknown. Never any pressures to invest in a single direction, Michael always offers thoughtful options based upon our comfort level. We can honestly say that we wish we would have utilized their options 25 years ago!
Rob & Jacynthe