Galen Nuttall

Financial Planner | Caldwell Advisory
Investment Advisor | Aviso Wealth

Galen has a very diverse background.

In addition to having his CFP designation he has a master’s in Education.

He has lived in four countries on three continents, speaks three languages, and is the holder of three passports.

In his travels he has been bit by a rat, almost kidnapped by paramilitary soldiers, and been stuck in a rockslide in the Himalayas.

Galen’s superpower is taking complex financial concepts and making them simple. For many years he has been doing just that for Canadians. Helping them tune out the noise and debunk the myths around financial planning.

In his free time, Galen enjoys the outdoors with his wife and children and participates in Olympic-distance triathlons.

Galen is an Investment Advisor. See the CIRO Advisor Report.


Galen Nuttall
Certified Financial Planner logo    PROFESSIONAL DESIGNATIONS | CFP, M.Ed.
Galen provides an engaging, interactive presentation that allows his audience to put financial planning into perspective by answering questions in a unique visual manner. You can hear the penny drop all through the room. No matter what an audience member’s comprehension of financial planning is, Galen responds to questions in a user-friendly, non-patronizing manner that is appreciated by all who attend his sessions. The number one questions from participants is “when is he coming back?”
Julie Brown

I’m currently located in Vancouver, BC, and Galen is Ontario based. This was a non-issue and working together online turned out to be greatly to our advantage… He has taken the time to educate me and spend the time needed to ensure I am making good decisions. This was AFTER he first invested in Me and what I am about.
Jennifer Pereira

Galen is very down to earth and explains our financial info clearly and with a sense of humour! He gives great advice and really cares about his clients. I would highly recommend his services!
Catherine Fisher Andrews